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Need an extra pair of hands to do something? Or need help to fix those troublesome IT tasks? Contact us and we'll see how we can help.

Wide range of experience

Having spent over 30 years in the IT industry in managerial and hands-on roles, I have a wealth of practical experience across many subject areas.


Having used numerous technologies for many years, combined with a logical mind, I am able to adapt my skills to almost any IT challenge picking up the concepts easily.

Simply priced

Simple - £50 per hour of work.

Contract us for as long or as little as you need.

Recent highlights

Having a wealth of experience both using software and building software I have the ability to pick things up quickly and adapt my knowledge to the subject at hand. I can therefore be adaptable and am happy to take on a variety of tasks. 

  • Enabled a local magazine publisher transition it's use of publishing software from Serif PagePlus to Serif Affinity Publisher, by learning the new product line and re-creating the old magazine templates in the new software. I then went on to train the magazine editors on how to use the new software and templates.
  • Resolved MS Outlook crashing problems for Insurance Consultancy company.
  • Revised the accounting procedures and setup a new complete solution using Excel spreadsheets for 2 not-for-profit organisations.
  • Initiated and setup cloud platform to share and store key information to allow disaster recovery for key systems in use in the running of a local community club.
  • Recovered a families entire photo album and key files from a non-working Apple iMac and helped restore them to a new system and setup backups.
  • Resolved ongoing email receipt issues for a local Gardening society
  • Increased the number of email users and mailbox sizes for a local not-for-profit organisation without increasing cost.
  • Setup backups and recovery strategy on an overheating PC which kept crashing. Also instigated best practices to lengthen lifespan of PC.
  • Designs and authors campaigns and performs campaign management for a membership only community group.


Microsoft Office Support

As an experienced advanced user of Microsoft Office, I can help you with anything from the basics to more advanced abilities in all the MS Office Suite.

Microsoft Office Support Microsoft Office Support
IT Systems & Support IT Systems & Support


IT Systems & Support

Using my vast experience working in the Software industry with many systems and software packages I can adapt to using many different systems. Some of those I have experience in (no particular order):

Atlassian Tool set - JIRA, Confluence, OpsGenie, Bitbucket
Cloud (Business) - Amazon Web Services
Cloud (Personal) - MS OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud
Coding - C, C++, PHP, MySQL, Javascript
Communication - Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, etc
Desktop Publishing - Serif Affinity Publisher
Email - MS Outlook, Thunderbird, etc
General PC and Mac setup and operations 


Staff HR & Management

Having spent over 25 years directly managing many staff in a wide variety of different roles, I am well versed in what it takes to build successful high performing motivated teams.

Staff HR & Management Staff HR & Management
Process creation and management Process creation and management


Process creation and management

A speciality of mine is identifying possible improvements in current processes and finding ways to adapt and change processes to be more effective and to work better in the needed situations.


Project/Event Planning, Logistics, Admin

Having been project manager on successful multi-million dollar projects for over 20 years I am able to use my commercial experience and apply it to many different areas. We have already managed various community club events and shows, bringing a tighter and more efficient approach to the organisation of those events.

Project/Event Planning, Logistics, Admin Project/Event Planning, Logistics, Admin
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