A website is like a house. It has form, it has structure. Inside that structure it is decorated.

Some people choose to build their own, and decorate their own. That's fine! Sometimes they break it, sometimes the website builder tool they are using causes it to break. If that's your desire then good luck with that!

But there is a way to have the form and structure built for you and still be able to change the decoration yourself.

That way is the Webbability way.

Our philosophy is to give you control .... safely. Control to change the decoration, move the pictures from wall to wall, change the room colour, maybe even change the light fittings! But you can't change the structure, you can't move the walls, the doors, the windows.


We will build you a modern looking, responsive website which will work on all devices. We'll even provide the first "decoration", ie. content based on what you give us. Then we'll give you the tools to make the changes you envision you will want to do safely!


New websites, refreshing current websites, helping with maintenance or something else.  Not only websites, but we can provide Microsoft Office services and general IT support.

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A new website
Creative and intelligent solutions

Got an idea, got some words and images?  We can take those and working with you create a fresh new website for your business.

Refresh a current site
Adaptable and flexible 

Tired of the look, but the content is ok, we can create a refreshing new design re-using what you already have.

Responsive and listening

Tired of waiting for changes to be made, with the Webbability way you can do many of the changes safely yourself.  If not we can quickly provide additional support to help.

Something else?
Talk to us to discuss

Although we do websites, we can also provide Microsoft Office services and general IT support.  Ask us and we can discuss.


A brief selection of our work

BLMS Benefice

Benefice of four Churches: St Mary’s Bentworth, St Mary’s Lasham, St Andrew’s Medstead and St Peter and St Paul in Shalden.

15 pages
Bespoke content development & multi-user content management

4 Corner Coaching

Small start-up company

15 pages
Bespoke content development & multi-user content management

Bunkers Golf Society

Not for profit golf society

Over 200 pages
Bespoke content development & multi-user content management

Medstead Gardeners' Club

Not for profit community club

10 pages
Bespoke content development & multi-user content management

Weddings in Greece

Sole trader

20 pages
Site now closed


Each website project is different.  Below is the genral process we'd use for your project.
  • 1. Initial no-commitment meeting

    Initial meeting to discuss your needs, your current website situation, and your website goals.  No contract, no commitment, no money.

  • 2. Proposal and requirements

    Webbability will deliver to you an initial proposal, including contract, detailed explanation of what is being planned, with the possible addition of some form of prototype website.

    Iterative and interactive discussion undertaken with you to fine tune and finalise requirements.

  • 3. Contract sign-off and initial payment

    Prior to Webbability starting on your project we require the contract to be signed and an initial agreed down payment.

  • 4. Production

    Webbability will produce a modern looking, device responsive website along the lines agreed in the requirements and contract.

  • 5. Customer feedback 

    Webbability will provide the website for customer feedback.  We encourage customers to actively participate in engaging with the design and coming forward with comments and changes they would like to see (contract renegotiation may apply in some extraneous circumstances).

  • 6. Step 4 and 5 repeat

    Steps 4 and 5 repeat until a final site is reached which is befitting the customer requirements.

  • 7. Customer sign-off

    Customer will sign-off and approve the final website.

  • 8. Final payment

    Customer will pay final instalment of agreed monies.

  • 9. Go-live

    Webbability will enable the accepted website so that it is available to the consumer public.

  • 10. Maintenance and Support

    Depending on contract agreement, Webbability will provide maintenance and support services for the designated period of time.


All projects are unique, so below is just an idea of the range of costs.  Contact us and lets discuss your exact requirements.


Single page, multi section website (like this one)
FROM £ 350
  • one-off fee
  • includes 3 months post-live support
  • pay as you go or monthly future support options


A multi page site (up to 4 pages)
FROM £ 550
  • one-off fee
  • includes 6 months post-live support
  • pay as you go or monthly future support options


A bit more bespoke
  • tailored to your requirements


Why you should shape your future web project with us